[heading size="6"]Do you need to file your ATED Returns?[/heading]

Step 1: Find out if you are caught

[service title="Check Ownership" icon="icon: check-sign" icon_color="#00949C"][/service]

Is the property owned by:

  • A Company?
  • A partnership in which a company is a partner?
  • An investment scheme; eg: investment fund, unit trust
[service title="Check Property Value" icon="icon: check-sign" icon_color="#00949C"][/service]
  • Is the property worth over GBP 2 million? (current market value checked annually)
[service title="No?" icon="icon: exclamation-sign" icon_color="#bc1c1c"]If your answer is No to even one of the above questions; you do not need to file ATED Returns[/service]   ated uk

Step 2: Choose Applicable Route



(No Taxes Due!)

Check if there are any reliefs available to you:
  • Property rented out to third parties
  • Property development or trading
  • Repossessed by a money lending company
  • Property providing accommodation to a trading company employees or partners
  • Farming
  • Social housing
  • Open to the public

*reliefs are subject to conditions

Do any of these apply to you?

ated uk

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